Specialty Structures & Installations was founded to assist architects, developers and General Contractors in selecting the best products for their projects.

We have a working relationship with many suppliers of different kinds of structural systems, made of every possible material. We are not a large fabricator and do not represent one specific manufacturer exclusively.

The diversity of our past experience and the relationships with these companies will save you valuable time in researching all of the available options:

» Steel, aluminum or stainless steel?

» Glass, polycarbonates or membrane cladding?

» What type of glass, which polycarbonate, what type of fabric?

» Galvanizing, powder coating, Kynar paint or mill finish?

» What maintenance isrequired, what is maintenance free?


We encountered all these questions numerous times in the past and will give you honest answers to your questions and concerns, without trying to sell you "OUR" system.

After you have selected the best type of structure for your intended use and budget, we will follow up with the chosen fabricator(s) on a regular basis to ensure that your design criteria are met.

Finally, when the pre-fabricated parts are delivered to the site, WE WILL INSTALL THE STRUCTURE.

Most manufacturers and fabricators do not want to assemble and install their structures. Installations at construction sites are very different from fabricating parts in a controlled shop environment.

Our experience with field installations in 50 countries over a time span of 40 years, gives us the knowledge to solve any possible problem, for the benefit of YOU, the client.

Grace Ferretti

Manager Architectural Sales, CST Covers, a Division of CST Industries, Inc

I could not be any happier working with Specialty Structures as our primary installation company on any of our architectural projects, especially the projects that are extremely unique and out of the ordinary. Their expertise and professionalism cannot be matched by any other company in the marketplace. I have only received positive reviews from our end client in the 15+ years that I have worked with Bernd and his team.

Jerry Kinsey

Banyan Bowl, Pinecrest Gardens

I think our project turned out great. Specialty Structures was the right company for the install, they worked with us as far as schedule, never complained when something came up and they had to stop working. They kept the job site clean and neat- all in all a real pleasure to work with.

Arminio Rivero

CRDE, CFBE , Director of Hotel Operations, InterContinental Miami

I highly recommend Specialty Structures in terms of delivery time and quality, in addition to the flexibility needed to work around our business. They indeed made my life easier in the operation while achieving and exceeding all our expectations.